Free Samples
The only way to ensure that a customer is entirely satisfied with a product is to create a finished sample for approval. At Ningbo Weishu, we produce these samples for free.
Free Designs
r customers who don’t have the time or experience, Ningbo Weishu offers a free design service that will turn your basic idea or drawing into a workable finished product.
Fast Production
With advanced hardware and software systems at the heart of our production facility, your order can be manufactured quickly without sacrificing quality.
Prompt Delivery
At Ningbo Weishu, we understand how important delivery schedules are to businesses, and we make it a priority to fulfill any orders within the agreed time.
Full Service Support
From product design and development support to after-sales care, Ningbo Weishu prides itself on making the manufacturing journey as simple and stress-free for its clients as possible. Adhering to the philosophy that ‘service creates value’, our team is here to support you whenever you need them.